Tejomaya boasts 6 AC rooms, each equipped with an attached washroom for your convenience. These accommodations are thoughtfully distributed, with 3 on the ground floor and 3 on the first floor Also 30 feet by 60 feet stage with 2 AC Green Rooms. The bride and groom’s rooms stand out as spacious and luxurious, providing the perfect setting for them to prepare for their special day.

Your guests will appreciate the ample parking available, ensuring a hassle-free arrival. The sprawling lawn spans an impressive 32,000 square feet, featuring a three-sided pathway and accommodating up to 3,000 chairs, making it an ideal space for open-air ceremonies and receptions. Additionally, there is a well-appointed AC coloumless banquet hall with huge Glass doors for Grand look, covering 5,800 square feet, with a capacity for 700 chairs, allowing for indoor events in comfort.

The dining hall encompasses 3,000 square feet and includes a separate, clean handwash area for your guests’ convenience. The stage, spanning 1,800 square feet, provides a grand focal point for your festivities and comes complete with two AC green rooms, each equipped with an attached washroom.

Our kitchen facilities are pristine and well-lit, with a dedicated pot wash area to maintain hygiene standards. For those seeking an outdoor atmosphere, there is an open terrace of 7,800 square feet for your events.

Lastly, we offer a dedicated welcome avenue from the main road, ensuring your guests can easily locate the venue. With these amenities, we aim to make your special occasion a seamless and memorable experience.